#DarasimiDiaries Travel Log: any trip out of Naija is an exhale!!

Frankfurt Airport : Connecting flight Jazmin has been an absolute sport throughout the trip from Lagos. No tears, no crankiness, playing with everybody on our team & strangers too. A member of the team managed to get ‘lost’ & he was a concern to Lola. My own issue was to make sure we feed her.

The Guitar Tutor

A dear old friend and brother, Mike came with his son to buy #DantesGuitarSeries1 so he can learn during his holiday. We got talking about how I’ve taught over 320ppl & over 100 were kids. I say ‘were’ because 1 got married this year. I told him the immense pride I felt when some of

#DarasimiDiaries : Mentorship

There’s nothing like having a big brother invested in encouraging u to be an involved father & a hands on Dad. He was my neighbor for a brief yet powerful season when Jazmin arrived. He told me tons of stories of how he raised his beloved daughter Obabiyi who is also my protege, as I

#DarasimiDiaries: This football somtin eh?

One thing being a Daddy has taught me is learning to temper down my goal celebrations. It was a Saturday evening & Chelsea were playing Liverpool away and of course Salah had scored. Was feeding my darling & she had slept off in my arms while I sat there despondent that the silly Bakayoko had

My battle at the beach to save a life!

It was January 1997 and I had gone to the beach with the workers in the new fellowship I had joined some months before, TRF we were called and Pastor D felt we should have a beach party to celebrate the new year and boy……we were having fun. Oje my dear friend was busy with

That time I was @ Make Music Lagos

Yesterday I was privileged to teach a few sharp brothers and sisters who wanted to learn to play the guitar. It was a fun event that Introduced the acoustic guitar to a few and enhanced the experience of others. Sold a few #DantesGuitarSeries1 also with others promising to get in touch to purchase their copies